Greenport Express


The Rotary Club of Greenport, in partnership with the Village of Greenport, is leading the project to rebuild the miniature railroad that operated in the village for 27 years. Unfortunately, the train stopped operating in 2012 but we now have the opportunity to bring it back.

The project includes:

  • Acquiring a miniature train with an engine and three passenger cars
  • Constructing  a quarter mile track through the woods near Moore’s Lane on land provided by the Village
  • Constructing a facility with a passenger area, public restrooms, and a maintenance area for the train

Greenport Express Sponsored by Greenport Rotary Club

Contribute To Greenport Express

Greenport Rotary Club’s goal is to raise $250,000 to rebuild the Greenport Express and that is where we need your support. Please help us by contributing. You can donate financially, with your tax-deductible gift, or by contributing your goods or services.  Bring the joy of the miniature railroad back to Greenport!

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